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Social contagion involves behaviour, emotions or conditions spreading spontaneously through a group or social network. The phenomena has been discussed by social scientists since the late 19th century, yet much work on the subject was based on unclear or even contradictory conceptions of what social contagion is.

Kidney360 March 2021, 2 (3) 507-518; DOI :  Apr 10, 2014 Understanding the roots of a global, contagious spread of online information may help better predict political revolutions, consumer behavior,  Although some research indicates that organizational misbehavior is socially contagious, the mechanism that facilitates such transmission has not been  The Strange, Contagious History of BulimiaThe physician who wrote the first case report in the 1970s believes it was, at least in part, a social contagion. Network models of diffusion predominantly think about cultural variation as a product of social contagion. But culture does not spread like a virus. We propose an  Aug 24, 2020 The focus on social influence and social contagion follows from the extensive literature that highlights the significant role of social norms, social  Jul 15, 2014 Social contagion is the spread of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors from person to person and among larger groups as affected by shared  Standard diffusion models capture social contagion only coarsely and do not allow one to operationalize different contagion mechanisms. Moreover, there is  Feb 20, 2020 But my study of “behavioral contagion” — social scientists' term for how ideas and behaviors can spread through populations like infectious  Nov 1, 2010 Sinan Aral: Social Contagion Sinan Aral's two areas of interest are behavioral contagions and causality. He believes that if we can understand  May 24, 2005 Ben Brantley reviews New Group and Play Company production of Presnyakov Brothers play Terrorism, directed by Will Frears; photo (M) Feb 4, 2015 The Social Contagion of Antisocial Behavior.

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Läs mer: Chuang: Social contagion. Intervju med Rob Wallace: Capitalist agriculture and  Memetics and social contagion: Two sides of the same coin? Journal of Memetics -. Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission, 2, 68.

The Spread of Obesity: An Example of Social Contagion Rodgers and Rowe (1993) introduced the social contagion theory of adolescent sexual behavior as a probabilistic model in which transmission of the behavior (i.e., sexual intercourse) depends on features of adolescent dyads, including adolescents’ status with regards to the behavior (i.e., virgin) and their pubertal development (Rodgers, 1996). Social contagion effects can also occur when people believe they have been infected by a disease. As more people show the (psychosomatic) symptoms, this is taken as proof that ‘I am bound to get it’. This process, called social contagion, can amplify the spread of information in a social network.

Social contagion


Sofie Andersson, Madelene Fasth. Handledare. Publicerad: 7 mars 2016Antal sidor: 65Nyckelord: Social networks; Social economics; Homophily; Diffusion; Social learning contagion; Centrality measures;  Modellen har svagt stöd och bygger på "social contagion", att deprimerade unga plötsligt blir trans för att de vill hänga med de coola  Svensk översättning av 'contagion' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler given widespread social unrest that is promoted by high food prices, examples  Utförlig titel: The rules of contagion, why things spread - and why they stop, Adam Kucharski; Serie: Wellcome collection. Omfång: 341 sidor : illustrationer. Språk  Analysis of air-born virus spread can improve contagion control will be part of a research team studying our social behavior during the Covid-19 epidemic. 2016 The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, “Pupillary Contagion in a Developmental Context” €635,000 over 3 years · 2014 Swedish  &dquo; (The German Contagion).

Social contagion

The spread of ideas, attitudes, or behaviour patterns in a group through imitation and conformity.
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the spread of affect or behaviour from one individual to another [1,2], has been documented in a wide range of species, including humans .

the spread of affect or behaviour from one individual to another [1,2], has been documented in a wide range of species, including humans . Functionally, social contagion of behaviour has been proposed to facilitate group coordination and ultimately group cohesion by activity synchronization [4,5].
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2014-03-11 · The Simple Rules of Social Contagion Abstract. It is commonly believed that information spreads between individuals like a pathogen, with each exposure by an Introduction. Social media has revolutionized how people create and consume information. Unlike the broadcasts of Results. Using URLs as

Review: Director Steven Soderbergh puts together an ensemble cast to tell a cerebral, rather than emotional story of a world on the brink of chaos thanks to a deadly new contagion. To say that Contagion has a good cast is an understatement.